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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finishing Strong 2012

Here at Better Bodies on Campbell we ask you if you remember what your fitness goals for 2012 are?  I know it seems like Jan was a long time ago and that is because it was.  So long ago that we are probably starting to think about what our plan is for 2013.  So I am encouraging you to finish 2012 strong.

I figure one of two things have happened to our 2012 goals.  The first, we are right on track and finishing strong and we are ready to get through the Holidays with victory and set up for 2013.  Or second, we lost site of our goals and we off track.

If the first is you then congratulations and keep going.  Tell us how you kept on track with your fitness goals here or on Facebook.  If the second is you, then lets take a minute to reflect on what we wanted to accomplish in 2012 and see if your goal is salvageable.  If not, lets set a mini goal to finish the year strong and set yourself up for success in 2013.  We would like to hear your story either here or on Facebook of how your going to finish strong this year with your health and fitness.

If you need help with your program either by design or if you would like us to be more involved, call (520)318-3488, DM us, or email us at  We can help you finish strong.

All approved stories will be featured on Facebook and our website as well.  Video and pictures are welcome.  Lets stay healthy Tucson.


Justin List
Owner: Better Bodies on Campbell

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